Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sharing the Vintage Wealth

A portion of my Vintage shop display

As a lover of thrift stores and antique shops, garage and yard sales, flea markets and auctions, as well as having lost several family members who had quite a bit of homewares and Mid Century goods, I easily became inundated with a plethora of items.  In practice, I enjoy and admire every single piece of ephemera and vintage goodness.  In reality, my home will only hold so much.  Also, not everything I have collected goes with my decor.  And even if I changed out items every quarter or at least bi-annually in my home, I still would have to store them.  And anyone who knows me knows that I abhor paying to store anything that isn't visible and being enjoyed.  

That said, it became apparent to me that I would have to pick and choose from my much loved items.  After some agonizing, I was able to define a pretty selective feel for what I wanted to keep for our home and RV (yes, we are renovating our RV in Mid-Century goods--pictures and story to come later when we've actually made some progress).  The rest...had to go.

My solution has been multi-fold.  I sell vintage items that are small enough to ship ("smalls") at FlowerChildTrends.  I also use several applications to post items online in my immediate neighborhood and county.  Lastly, I have, for the time being, rented space at the Coronado Antiques Mall in New Smyrna Beach until I can develop enough inventory to open my own full shop--which is in the works.   It's a solution that has its ups and downs--if I sell something online, I have to trek over to the shop and retrieve it. And, some days I have to admit, it is still a form of paying for storage.  The upside, besides sales, is that others get to share in my vintage wealth.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for what collectibles catch my eye. I love old fashioned jewelry boxes with the satin interiors. I adore slightly rusty old tins. Old pottery jugs are interesting when you consider who made them, how they were made or for what use they were made.
So long as your items interest you or bring you happiness to look at them, it doesn't matter what you choose to collect.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sturdy Furniture

Sturdy, solid wood furniture is something you can still find today. But there is nothing like the fun of coming across a vintage piece like this Bassett maple console cabinet.

I have an internal conflict between keeping a vintage find like this in its original state or to sand it down and paint it in a modern way.  So far, at least for this piece, the original look has won. I do still have this cabinet for sale, so if you are also in love with the natural vintage look, get it before my urge to update takes over.  Shipping won't be inexpensive but local pickup can be arranged.

Vintage 1950s-1960s maple Bassett console cabinet.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Go with a Theme

When I create a vintage vignette, I sometime will coordinate items with a similar feel to create a theme.  In this small collection I've used the lacquer cork crane and bonsai sculpture combined with the set of two small brass swans to give this combo an exotic yet serene feel.
You can purchase both items from flowerchildtrends.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vignette sampler

I love to combine vintage items into attractive combinations.  It is the styling of a vignette that makes it interesting and memorable.

Here is a combination of goodies on top of a dresser...three ceramic pomanders, a variety of teacups with saucers, a porcelain letter opener,  and vases. Altogether it makes a collection with a variety of  remarkable finds.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Tisket, a Tasket

Sometimes all a house needs to make it a home is a finishing touch.  A rustic apple basket can be just the look.  Placed on a shelf or next to a recliner, filled with flowers, pine cones or vintage linens or magazines, a basket says this is home.

With a rustic basket stains are part of the charm.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Make a Collection

My advice when seeking vintage yumminess is not to just seek items that are worth money but to select items you love.  Whether it is based on a specific color or a type of object, finding items that make your heart sing is really what collecting should be about.  Make a collection that is fun to search for and joy when viewing it.

A collection centered around two red objects.  The silver and brass
tones harmonize this collection.